Radiant is a Open Source Content Management System fir small Teams.

The current release (as of April 2011) is 0.9.1, heading to 1.0 very soon. Radiant features a powerful extension mechanism. Rails Developer can easily extend it to customer needs.

In its core Radiant features:

  • A slim and elegant user interface
  • felixble layouts with templateing, snippets, page parts and the powerful radius templateing language
  • a very powerful extension/plugin architecture
  • simple role based user authentication and authorization

Simple Admin Interface

Radiant features a simple and elegant user interface which is centered around its core concepts: Pages, Snippets and Layouts.


Pages are the core of the content and can be written in various markup like Markdown, Textile or plain old HTML. Pages are divided into PageParts which allow for very complex layouts.


Content which is subject to reuse can be extracted to Snippets which encapsulate content and function. Snippets are very similar to PHP includes or Rails Partials.


Layouts are used to for the overall HTML Design. Layouts are very flexibel and can fully leverage the power of PageParts and Snippets. It is very easy to have three column layouts and layouts with a main part and sidebar within the same project.

Flexible Page-Tree

Pages are organized in a tree structure. A Blog is nothing more as a time ordered list of pages in a subtree.


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